The Day I Made The Crazy Man Cry

  I have been playing foosball. I have been practicing a lot. It’s been in my head all day, every day, for the last month. I may as well write about it. I have a rivalry with two players in Peru, one of whom is called the

4 Numbers and a New Life Perspective

  FOOSBALL I love foosball and it’s one of my passions. From November 27 to November 30 there will be an International Tournament in Peru, and lots of foreigners are attending. I’m really excited about this tournament, and I really want to win! I want to win

Idea: Be Fun? Feel Desired?

  This is another idea I have. When I chat with women, I should try to keep the conversations interesting. This is something I am beginning to apply slowly.   On another note…   I will draw a portrait of myself with hot women looking at me

Lesson: Don’t Try

  So I have dated and chatted with some girls recently, and a conclusion I have found is that I’m not supposed to try too hard.   I discovered that a girl that I had kissed a long time ago had stopped communicating with me because she

I Met The Mysterious Girl!

…And she had a boyfriend.   Remember there was this girl that I kept seeing on the street, that HOTTIE that I kept running into? I ran into her again!! This was about 10 days ago. Some very lucky events caused me to stumble across her as

Emotional Connections

  After the events with HAILEY, I have sort of missed the feeling of having an emotional connection   Another thing I learned was the value of texting. I really didn’t used to text much. In retrospect, I believe I have missed several opportunities due to lack

Hailey Aftermath

  I am having a bit of trouble getting over Hailey.   After I shared my blog with her, we had a conversation and she explained the reasons for her behavior. The simple answer is that she concluded that she was not attracted to me. She told


    I will describe a story which unfolded in the last two weeks.   I wish I would have written earlier about this, but anyway…   About a year ago (or less) I met a girl named Hailey at an acting audition. She was not an

Deja Vu

  So we went to Arequipa for Peruvian holidays (Independence Day). We stayed 5 days, including 2 days in Colca Canyon, one of the deepest in the world. During this trip we took Bethany, a friend of my sister’s that had come from the US to visit.

Change Of Heart

  Hello, So we have two new temporary coworkers. They are both from Honduras, and one of them is pretty hot. Her name is MISA. I decided to be indifferent to her. Then, my other coworker (GLORIA) told me after a few days that MISA was absolutely


On Friday I was supposed to go to a “celebrity” party that I was invited to by my model friend Rain (from my former acting class). I decided to invite Rebekah, a blonde Colombian girl. However, on Friday I had trouble reaching her, so I decided to

Weird Day

  This has not much to do with girls. But yesterday was unusual/special for several reasons.   -The World Cup semifinal in which Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany. Watching the first half and watching Germany score 4 goals in 5 minutes in front of the home crowd

The Alpha Male

  I haven’t written much the last days, but now is the time to come back and write. I will describe the events that have happened in the last week. First of all, I had sex with Adele P, the girl that had originally unfriended me from

I Came During Intercourse For The First Time!

  Gabriela, the friend that I had sex with recently, was back in Lima. I had made a deal with myself that I would not masturbate with my hand. I figured that masturbating with my hand too often would make me not be able to reach orgasm