The Real End

  With Crystal everything has been magic.   After our initial break up we did have a few small issues, though.   I had a date with a girl and Crystal tried to schedule something with me last minute. I did not cancel the girl so she

Broke a 5 Year Friend Zone

  I went to Helen’s house to pick up some stuff from the time I lived with her. She asked me to lend her some money. I didn’t say yes or no. I also told her I was driving, and she told me she needed to go

The End?

  My relationship with Crystal has been magical. “Magical irony.” She prepared tea for me, a special tea with cinnamon that she had created. We went to a classical music concert in the National Theatre. We ate “Arroz Con Leche”, my favorite dessert, in one of the

Instant Sex After Dance Class

  So I went to a Tango class near my house. This was on a Tuesday. There were two older women, one of whom was incredibly hot. The hot older woman showed lots of signs of interest. She would talk to me enthusiastically… ask for my name,

Romantic Details For Crystal

On Wednesday I took her to a live music place, and I gave Crystal¬†the surprise by walking up stage and singing a song for her, and in front of the whole bar.   Later on I admitted I had had sex with a girl two days ago

Law of Attraction

I had a very cool sequence of events.   1. I want money. 2. I come across a course by Ramit Sethi named Earn1K which is for earning money on the side. 3. I enroll by paying 100 bucks a month for 12 months ($1200 total). 4.

May 16, Really Close To A Remote Working Agreement

I’ve been focusing a lot.   Hour of Power in the mornings. Affirmations with music. Visualization at night. Strict discipline for focusing on productive activities. Clear goals (going to Kentucky foosball tournament, kissing a model or one of my fantasies from the building where I work, earning

Do You Want To Be My Girlfriend

  I successfully used the line “Excuse me, would you like to be my girlfriend?” on a random girl and we are going on a date today. She is cute.   She came back with “I don’t know you.”   I came back with “There is a

Boob Job

On Saturday I had my first boob job. I ejaculated in between the girl’s breasts. It was an amazing experience.   The girl asked me to not to write about this. So I have not mentioned her name. ¬†All I can say is that it was an

Thank You

  This is the kind of post that I should do more often. The universe gives me a ton of blessings as long as I am open to receive them. Last week was a week in which I received plenty of them. I want to take the

Business Concepts

VA’S I have hired an Argentinean virtual assistant (VA). She has begun checking my email, responding to email, communicating through Skype with my Asian programmers, and performing some tasks such as making payments through   I am hoping that this VA thing will help me become

Birthday Adventures

  UPDATE ON NORDIC WOMEN Here is an update on the Nordic women I met during the TV shoot. First, I called the Russian MILF. She totally remembered me but she confessed she was currently with her family. It was an awkward moment because her family was

I Feel Like Shit

Nov 15, 2015 I feel like shit. I feel like shit because I have spent so much fucking effort. SO much fucking effort. And what is my situation. I gotta have a sidenote, I am grateful to have gotten 3 phone numbers from extremely beautiful women a

Corey Wayne Is My Man

  Corey Wayne says I should read his book 10-15 times in order to get the hang of the material. So I have decided to read one chapter per day for the next 5 months, in order to read the book 15 times. I have read 4