I Need To Pack

  I need to pack. Going on a trip with Alanis the cutsiepie and Chantelle the hot one! Bus leaves in less than 3 hours and I haven’t packed yet. I must pack. First, let me take the opportunity to briefly talk about other things.   Today

Massage Therapist

I will divide this blog in three parts so I can describe the different “settings” in my life.   PART I: ACTING CLASS Alanis and Chantelle: During Easter Break, I will go on a trip with Alanis, Chantelle, another girl, and another guy. So it will be

Coworker Jerks Me Off

  I’m going to start this entry by saying that my dad, owner of the company, does not like it when any rumor about his employees emerges. And this is especially true with ME. I, being the son, must maintain the best behavior and must serve as

God Exists

The last week has been really good. In fact, it has been perfect. Everything just falls into place perfectly. On Sunday I had my foosball tournament. I didn’t end up winning. I reached the round of 16. However, if I had won the tournament I would have

She Reads My Blog Before Our Date!

  Several weeks ago I met this woman in Tower Mall. Her name was Kiara, but she is a different Kiara than the one I met when I auditioned for TV. I can’t remember if I mentioned her or not, but this girl had been really hot

Sex On First Date With Karina

Wow. Just wow. So I went to Tower Mall to meet Karina. Her legs were as gorgeous as I remembered them, tanned and athletic. We then headed to the Nexus Center, a beautiful complex near the beach. She told me she had never been there before, so

Kissed An Innocent Girl

I’m not going to start with the story about the kiss. I’m going to start by mentioning that I LOVE my new acting class, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The girls are just HOT. There are 18 people, 10 girls and 8 guys. Out of the 10 girls,

Girls Are Superficial

Hello. So I went to my audition to the TV show and in the entrance they told me “It’s not similar. I’m sorry. You also need better singing.” It was such a surprise! I had rehearsed a lot and I had received positive feedback from family, friends,

I Made A Difference

  After my date with Janika K, I eventually got some text messages from Janika. She said that she loved me and that she hoped that we would become “best friends”. I was pleasantly surprised that despite the “disappointment” from last time, our relationship seemed to still

I Love My 19 Year Old Sweetheart

On Sunday, the day after I had sex with Adele P, I met with my 19 year old sweetheart that I am really endeared to. Since I hadn’t given her a name yet, I will call her Janika K. Once again, I must mention that she is

Teaches Me How To Touch A Woman

I had sex with a girl after a foosball tournament. She was the one who “unfriended” me from Facebook.  I hadn’t given her a name back then, but let’s call her Adele P. This weekend, I had another foosball tournament, so I figured I could call her

The Devout Catholic

Dear Blog I met this girl in an activity related to an acting class. I will not disclose details on the activity only in order to conceal her identity. For all intents and purposes, this girl will be called Eva C. I remember the first time I

The New Prince Sex Blog (Again)

Dear Blog, I will make some changes to this blog starting now. First of all, I will start assigning names to women again. It is hard to keep track if no women have names. Second of all, I will try to make it a bit more personal