I Feel Like Shit

Nov 15, 2015 I feel like shit. I feel like shit because I have spent so much fucking effort. SO much fucking effort. And what is my situation. I gotta have a sidenote, I am grateful to have gotten 3 phone numbers from extremely beautiful women a

Corey Wayne Is My Man

  Corey Wayne says I should read his book 10-15 times in order to get the hang of the material. So I have decided to read one chapter per day for the next 5 months, in order to read the book 15 times. I have read 4

Reflection On Why I Suck With Women

Recently I get the impression that I suck with women. I have kissed nearly 200 women in my life and I have had sex with around 30. However, at this point I feel like I just…suck with women. Every day I come to the conclusion that the

Nostalgia – Songs To Remember

I’m finishing my third week of the Love Yourself Challenge. So far so good. My discipline is great. I’ve been listening to my daily affirmations on my phone. I affirm that all my sexual fantasies come true, that I have a full head of hair, that I

Reflection September 1, 2015

Okay, so it’s time to confess a few things. Or should I say, to explain a few things.   I was living with my friend Helen for a while. But I moved to my parents’ house temporarily due to the happenings of my last post. Also, I

Babysitter, Got Assaulted, and Other Stuff

Babysitter: My friend that I live with, she has a babysitter (named Sandra) . This babysitter turns me on a lot. She has a great body. And she seems “fertile” so te speak. She just seems like a very sexual girl. She seems to be around my

Emma Jerks Me Off In Public

I have been involved in my network marketing company. No official signups thus far. I have had several yesses, but money is an issue with a lot of my potential sign ups.   Meanwhile, Emma still wants to see me, so I agreed to see her yesterday.

Changes In My Life

I’m going to be brief. To be honest, recently I’m more concerned about living life than recording it on a blog. But I will summarize what has happened. I had expected to be able to train fulltime for my foosball tournament at least a month before the

Emma Aftermath

  I gotta mention, if rather briefly, that during the time following the crazy events, Emma started acting extremely wonderful with me. To begin with, I felt she was deeply sadened by the whole thing, so she would constantly send me kind messages wishing me blessings every

Crazy Valentine’s Day

  I’m writing this only now, because I have been busy. Emma became my girlfriend on the 9th of February. I asked her to be my girlfriend through Facebook, as a result of an indirect joke that ended up being serious.   As I said, I have

Can Emma Be My Girlfriend?

  I’m thinking about it. I have been faithful to her for several months. This is something I have not done for a girl in years. It hasn’t been entirely easy. Since I have not been dating her due to my foosball training, I am constantly in

Holding On

So I went to the beach in New Year’s. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of new people, including a girl that I had some chemistry with. However, I have been committed to Emma for a while now. I am actually going

Met A Fantastic Girl

So I met a girl named EMMA in Tower Mall a long time ago. I hadn’t really gone out with her but recently she talked to me on Facebook because she wanted to get help with her laptop. So I helped her get her laptop fixed. Initially